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Legal Consequences of a DUI

Driving under the influence is a serious offense. It can lead to many ramifications in your personal and professional life, but you will also face serious legal consequences. Before you consider driving while intoxicated, make sure you consider the consequences you may face.  Fines and

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Do You Know When to Call a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Immediately after a car accident, you’re probably feeling shaken up and a little overwhelmed. You’re worried about whether anyone is hurt, how you’ll repair the damage, and exchanging insurance information. It’s understandable that your first thought may not be to call a lawyer. However,

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What Is Wrongful Death & Who Can Be Compensated?

If you’ve recently lost a loved one but aren’t sure if the incident qualifies as wrongful death, we’re here to help. We understand the immense difficulty, both emotional and financial, that can come with this type of loss. You can set up a consultation

2023-09-11T01:22:43+00:00June 11, 2021|Categories: Current Events|

Expungements – The “Fire Camp” Statute

Over the last decade, California has experienced a significant increase in extreme wildland fires. The rise in temperatures, lack of rain, and lower humidity all contribute to drier brush, grass, and trees that fuel these fires. Additionally, the growing population and shifts toward development

Military Diversion Program

As a veteran, I understand first hand the difficulties that veterans experience after completing their military service. Many factors affect a veteran’s ability to reintegrate into the real world. Recently, many of our veterans have served at least one combat tour and likely return

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