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Damon & Andy Selected to Critical Response Team

We are pleased to announce that Damon Rogers and Andy Beltran were selected to the USCCA's Critical Response Team. The United States Concealed Carry Association is a membership organization that provides resources for CCW permit holders and firearm owners. USCCA has partnered with Delta Defense,

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Do You Know When to Call a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Immediately after a car accident, you’re probably feeling shaken up and a little overwhelmed. You’re worried about whether anyone is hurt, how you’ll repair the damage, and exchanging insurance information. It’s understandable that your first thought may not be to call a lawyer. However,

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What Is Wrongful Death & Who Can Be Compensated?

If you’ve recently lost a loved one but aren’t sure if the incident qualifies as wrongful death, we’re here to help. We understand the immense difficulty, both emotional and financial, that can come with this type of loss. You can set up a consultation

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