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Rogers | Beltran LLP: Your Trusted Sierra Madre Criminal Defense Attorneys

Being charged with a DUI or other criminal offense is only the first step in what could turn out to be a lengthy, complex legal process. You’ll likely be interviewed by local police and prosecutors and attend several hearings (bail hearings, plea bargains, or motion hearings) before your sentence is decided. 

Luckily, you can avoid a long, drawn-out legal process by hiring a professional Sierra Madre criminal defense attorney from Rogers | Beltran LLP. We’re ready and prepared to handle all your legal needs and work tirelessly to get the outcome you deserve. Call a Rogers | Beltran LLP representative today to schedule your free consultation. 

Providing Personalized Legal Representation

At Rogers | Beltran LLP, we know that no legal case is the same. Long before we enter the courtroom, we’ll review all case details and evidence to ensure we present a legal strategy that yields the best results. No matter what you’re charged with, we provide personalized care for many types of cases, including:

  • Criminal Defense: This includes felonies, misdemeanors, DUI, Veteran’s Court and military diversion program, warrants, protecting you during a criminal investigation (before charges are filed), and post-conviction relief. We’ve handled numerous criminal cases and can get you the results you deserve. 
  • Civil Rights: No American should have their civil rights violated. If you feel yours have been, Rogers | Beltran LLP has experience in handling cases of excessive force, false arrest, fourth amendment violations, wrongful conviction, and sexual assault by police officers. No matter what happened, we’ll ensure that justice is served.
  • Personal Injury: If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Our team is well-versed in handling complex cases such as traumatic brain injuries, eye injuries, paraplegia and quadriplegia cases, injuries requiring surgery, and so much more. We’ll fight hard to get you compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering, as well as punitive damages.

While any lawyer can provide legal guidance, only Rogers | Beltran LLP has the skill and experience necessary to protect your rights and your future. When you work with our team, you’ll be working with a team that’s ready to defend you against all criminal charges. 

Take Back Your Life

Whale watching, farmer’s markets, amusement parks, and picturesque hiking trails are just the beginning of what Sierra Madre has to offer. Whether you love browsing farmers’ markets or spending the entire day hiking in the mountains, nothing destroys this enjoyment like a criminal offense or DUI charge. Rogers | Beltran LLP will help you take back your life by pairing you with an experienced, knowledgeable Sierra Madre DUI lawyer or criminal defense attorney. We’ll help you avoid more serious consequences that could ruin your future, such as license suspension, a criminal record, and jail time. 

Let Rogers | Beltran LLP Defend You

Whether you’re facing a DUI charge or need legal representation for a civil rights or personal injury case, Rogers | Beltran LLP is here to fight for you. Each of our Sierra Madre criminal defense attorneys will ensure you get the best possible outcome. Don’t let a mistake or accident ruin your future. Contact Rogers | Beltran LLP today to get a free consultation.