Importance of a Health Screening After an Accident

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August 21, 2023

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Injuries from accidents are common. Every day, many people are involved in some type of accident that causes injury, from slip-and-falls and car accidents to faulty equipment and workplace accidents. Injuries from accidents can have both short-term and long-term effects on one’s health and lifestyle. For example, a sprained ankle from a slip could limit driving ability and slow one’s speed down which could inhibit daily activities and/or workplace productivity. A serious brain injury, however, could potentially lead to a lifetime of consequences.

This is why it is important for a medical follow-up after an accident. Proper medical screening and evaluation could help the victim have a better sense of their physical well-being after an accident. After an accident, it is common that most people ignore the symptoms or avoid a further look into their health. Going to a doctor means time off work, trying to make an appointment, or even receiving a note that limits one’s ability to work. These are just a few reasons why many people avoid seeing a medical professional after an accident. But a more concerning idea is one that there may be a more serious underlying problem that may go unnoticed and one that could be much more detrimental to one’s long-term health.

There are times when the victim of an accident thinks they are fine, and continue their day as if the accident never happened. It goes unreported and undiagnosed. Later, the victim starts to feel unwell and begins to show symptoms of a much more dangerous problem. Since the injury was not reported, recorded, or treated, the victim may have a more difficult path in seeking recovery of their full damages from the other party.


After an accident, it is important to seek out a medical professional, receive a diagnostic report, and keep and maintain all files related to the accident. This will not only help you and the insurance company keep better records and help you stay healthy, but it will ensure that you receive the proper financial compensation for the accident and any injuries. Be sure to seek out advice from a Personal Injury attorney who will help you with your case, and help you receive any financial help from damages. Attorneys also have referrals to medical professionals who are able to help with diagnosing any potential injury, either superficially or deep.


Our team has helped many people who have suffered an injury from an accident and is devoted to helping those who need legal assistance after falling victim to an accident. Insurance companies want to settle instantly without any regard to the victim’s health, but we’re here to fight for you to ensure you’re properly taken care of.

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