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We are Personal Injury and Criminal Defense attorneys in Los Angeles.  We serve Southern California from Los Angeles county to San Diego.

We are Personal Injury and Criminal Defense attorneys in Los Angeles.  We serve Southern California from Los Angeles county to San Diego.

Damon and Andy

Our Team

Andy BeltranPartner
Damon RogersPartner
Amanda MurilloLegal Secretary
Shawn SolesbeeParalegal

What People Say

No one wants to get a call late at night that a family member has been in a bad accident and might not make it through the night.

This happened to our family and I immediately called Damon Rogers and Andy Beltran. Damon and Andy have been the attorneys for my large family for the better part of the last ten years and I have recommended them to more friends, family and colleagues than I can count.

They got my son a great settlement, over $800,000.00 and he will have the money he needs for ongoing medical expenses and the time he lost on work during his ongoing recovery.

Even if I’m not sure if what I need is an area of law they work with I always start with Damon and Andy because they are smart and thorough as well as patient and kind. They know the law like no one else and I am so grateful to have them in my corner. It’s a great feeling to know that no matter what legal challenges I have to face personally or in business I can count on Damon and Andy to represent myself and my family and they are nice guys too!

J.P., Former Client

These attorneys are the best! They represented me in a dog bite case and took it to trial. At first, the insurance company of the dog owner denied responsibility for my injuries. At trial, the attorneys at Rogers | Beltran LLP were able to win my case by proving the defendants were responsible for my injuries. The jury returned a verdict more than 3 times the insurance company’s last offer.

R.P., Former Client

Damon and Andy were wonderful! They kept me updated on my case and responded in a timely manner. Very please with their professionalism. I highly recommend and will work with them again. Thanks, Damon and Andy!

V.C., Former Client
Best Lawyer I’ve Ever Had – Amazing lawyer … awesome guy. Handled my case promptly and professionally. What more can I say? Let’s put it this way … I have his office number tattooed on my wrist. That is no joke!
C.I., Former Client
I retained Andy Beltran after I was involved in a fatal accident. Andy jumped into action from the moment that I called him by responding to the scene as the police began to investigate the accident. Being involved in a fatal accident was very traumatic for me but Andy helped me deal with the process by shutting down the police officers’ attempts to interview me. Andy then took responsibility of my case and I was able to avoid criminal charges and regain my driver’s license even though I was facing a lifetime ban on driving. I would certainly recommend Andy Beltran to anyone looking for an attorney.
C.H., Former Client

Damon is an excellent attorney. He has handled a number of issues the past few years for this family and we highly recommend him. Underneath his mild mannered appearance is a 35-year martial arts veteran. He is tough on the interior and doesn’t back down from a legal challenge. He’s one to keep in your pocket for whatever legal issues come your way.

B.S., Former Client

I hired Andy Beltran after I was arrested for DUI. I was freaking out because I thought I would lose my DACA . Andy was very knowledgeable about immigration consequences that may arise from criminal charges and how to limit my exposure to those consequences. After his investigation of my case and exposure, and after negotiating with the District Attorney, I was able to take a plea to a lesser charge of wet reckless. Because of Andy’s hard work and devotion, I was approved for a renewal of my DACA! Andy is great attorney and I would recommend him to anyone in need of criminal defense lawyer!

D.C., Former Client
Damon Rogers is a very professional and competent lawyer. He helped me in a case about 7 months ago where i was facing serious and multiple felony drug charges. He was genuine and i felt like he truly was caring and concerned for my outcome. He was very knowledgeable and was able to get me into a 15 weeks drug and alcohol class promising a dismissal of the charges when my probation time is completed. I was facing jail time and Damon was able to help me in not serving any time. He informed me throughout the whole process and always followed up. He has been the most helpful lawyer iv ever worked with. I highly recommend him.
John Doe, Former Client

Andy Beltran recently defended me in court presenting a request for my DUI-related probation to be dismissed at the 2-year mark instead of the court mandated 3-year mark. His presentation and documentation was so organized and well prepared that the courtroom judge not only agreed to dismiss my probation and expunge my case, he stated that there was nothing left to be said because of how well Mr. Beltran advocated for my case. I am grateful and relieved that my case was expunged and I am now able to return to my career path with a clean record. I definitely recommend Andy to defend your case!

K.M., Former Client

Great Working With Damon – I have enjoyed working with Damon Rogers from the very beginning. He is extremely knowledgeable and beyond that he has a great personality. He is likable and demonstrates that he really cares. He is not like most of the attorney’s I have worked with in the past.

G.H., Former Client

Excellent Attorney, Very Helpful – Damon is a very knowledgeable attorney who has helped me on several occasions. He is very accessible and pleasant to deal with. Highly recommended.

N.D., Former Client

Very Receptive To Veterans – Although I was in a stressful situation dealing with my DUI, Damon was very informative and helped me at east throughout the whole process. Damon was very easy to get ahold of, and was willing to take his time and answer every question I had regarding my case. What I especially appreciated about Damon was his patriotism, respect, and willingness to help out veterans like myself. His dedication was evident when he was able to have the DA agree to have my 3-year probation terminated two years early, upon my college graduation in May, in order for me to apply for the FBI at that time. In short, Damon is a respectful, dedicated, caring, knowledgeable, and hard working attorney that I would recommend to anyone in need of any lawyer assistance.

A.B., Former Client

We highly recommend using Rogers | Beltran LLP if you ever are in need of a Personal Injury attorney. They are very professional, honest and got our case settled above and beyond our expectations. Thank you Damon and Andy for everything you did for us. You are the best!

J.A., Former Client

Got this amazing firm’s info from my insurance through USCCA membership, and they were AMAZING! From start to finish Andy and Damon were there for each step even helped me with a few retrievals and refund for our bail (through my USCCA membership). I can’t thank them enough for all the work and most importantly the outcome lol! Would recommend anyone in the area in need of legal assistance reach out to the guys, you won’t be sorry!

D.D., Former Client

If you get into any type of situation or need any type of assistance pertaining to legalities without a doubt contact Damon Rogers. I have never received such professionalism and hard work and dedication to my case the way I received from this firm. Hope I won’t need you guys again but you guys are without a doubt the team I’d want on my side. Thank You

G.P., Former Client


California is known for its sunny beaches, giant redwoods, and shining Hollywood stars, but there are some famous criminal cases out of the Golden State as well. 

What other cases did we miss?

Let us know in the comments below. 

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With summer comes hot weather, and this opens up water parks.  If you’ve been injured at a water park we can help! 

We don’t just handle car accidents, our attorneys can fight for your water park injury case as well! 

Call or message us today for your free consultation. 

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Have you been injured in an accident involving a ride share company. Whether as a passenger, or another driver, let us help you with your injury claim. 
There are special details to consider when fighting these cases. We’ve dealt with these situations before, let us fight for you!
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You can still register to vote if you are on parole!
Read the post for more information ✅
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💼⚖️ Attention, California! ⚖️💼 
Rogers | Beltran here, and we mean business. We’re not your typical law firm - we’re the powerhouse you need when life throws you a curveball in the Golden State. 💥🌴
👊🏼 Born and bred in the heart of California, we’re not here to play games. We’re here to fight tooth and nail for what’s rightfully yours. Whether it’s a car wreck, a workplace mishap, or any other injury, we’re the ones you call when you’re ready to get serious. 💪🏼💼
🔍 We don’t sugarcoat it. We dig deep, analyze every angle, and craft strategies that hit hard. No fluff, no excuses - just results. 📊💼
💬 So, if you’re ready to stop messing around and start getting what you deserve, hit us up at We’re not just another office, we’re your neighbors. We know the traffic on the 405, we know the bumpy and busy roads downtown, and we know the scenery down PCH. 
If you’ve suffered an injury, call us and let’s get to work. 🔥⚖️ 
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Today we remember the service men and women who have lost their lives. 
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Have you been injured in a car accident? 
Let our experienced team help you with your case. 
Call or message us today for your free consultation!
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We understand how frustrating, scary, and complicated accidents in California can be. 

We drive the same freeways, use the same dangerous intersections, and deal with the same drivers as you.

That’s why you can trust us with handling your case. We’re fighting for our neighbors. 

Call or message us today to set up a free consultation. Let us take on the complexity of your case and fight for the compensation you deserve. 


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Weekly Legal Update for 4/22/24. 
FBI pays $138 Million.
Uploading IDs to watch p*rn.
Banning assault weapons.
And more Trump cases.
This week has it all!!
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Weekly Legal Recap for the week of April 15th. We had some crazy news this week. From a former Dodgers pitcher, to a man setting himself on fire in New York!
Leave any comments below!
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Having an attorney on your side for your personal injury case is very beneficial.  The post above is only a few reasons why it will help you and your case. 
We could go on and on.
If you have been injured, reach out to us for your free consultation. 
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Being in a self-defense situation is scary. For our clients, it came down to protecting their family. 
We recently had an interview with the @USCCA about our clients’ case and how we jumped to their side to protect their rights. 
If you are in a self-defense situation involving a firearm, call our office today and let us protect your rights as well. 
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