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Glendale DUI Lawyer and Criminal Defense Attorney

One of the most important choices you can make after being charged with a DUI or criminal offense is the lawyer you choose to represent you. It’s critical to find legal representation that is (1) familiar with Glendale law and local prosecutors and judges, (2) knows how to put together a strong defense, and (3) will not stop fighting for you. 

Rogers | Beltran LLP is proud to be your trusted Glendale criminal defense attorney and DUI lawyer. Whether you’re facing a felony charge or a simple misdemeanor, our team of dedicated, problem-solving attorneys will ensure you get the outcome you deserve.

Defending You from Criminal Charges

Being charged with any type of criminal offense is a scary thing. While some may result in small fines or community service, others can result in expensive fees, license suspension, probation, and even a lengthy prison stay. A Glendale criminal defense attorney from Rogers | Beltran LLP helps you avoid these charges by putting together the best legal defense possible to ensure your future is protected. We provide legal representation for the following areas:

Criminal Defense

In addition to handling felony charges (robbery, drug sales, assault with a deadly weapon, etc.), we’re also well-versed in misdemeanor cases (DUI, hit and run, drug possession, etc.), warrants, Veteran’s Court/military diversion program, and post-conviction relief. We’ll carefully review the evidence in your case to build a solid legal defense that will result in having your charges dropped or at the very least reduced.

Personal Injury

One of the most difficult things about a personal injury case is proving fault, with determining damages a close second. Because large insurance companies try to drag out your case or offer unfair compensation, it’s critical to have a personal injury lawyer from Rogers | Beltran LLP on your side. Our talented team of attorneys will handle the specifics of your case, including communicating with insurance companies and the party at fault, so you can stay focused on recovery. We won’t stop until you’ve gotten the financial compensation you deserve.

Civil Rights

Civil rights protect you from discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, age, and religion. If someone has unfairly discriminated against you or a loved one based on these factors, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. At Rogers | Beltran LLP, we understand the emotions behind these sensitive cases, which is why we strive to be as empathetic as possible. Whether you’ve been discriminated against by an employer, business, or institution, Rogers | Beltran LLP will ensure the person/entity is held accountable through our powerful legal representation.

Working Hard to Protect Your Interests

Whether you love exploring the rugged terrain and stunning scenery of the nearby Verdugo Mountains, enjoying shows at the Alex Theatre, or sampling the wealth of Armenian food, Glendale has something for everyone. However, no matter your interests, being charged with a criminal offense takes the enjoyment out of everything. If you’re found guilty, you could spend time in jail, pay expensive fines, or even have a criminal record.
At Rogers | Beltran LLP, we’ll help you get back to doing what you love by working hard to have all charges against you dropped. We’ve provided potent legal representation in many criminal cases and are ready to do the same for you. Contact a Glendale DUI lawyer or criminal defense attorney from Rogers | Beltran LLP today to schedule a free consultation.