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Pasadena Criminal Defense Attorney

Have you been charged with a DUI in the Pasadena, California, area? Don’t hesitate to contact an attorney. You can trust a Pasadena DUI Lawyer from Rogers | Beltran LLP to represent you. 

Our goal is to get the best outcome for your case. Our team of experienced lawyers will dig into the particulars of your unique situation in order to protect you from losing your license, facing jail time, and potential immigration difficulties.  

If you’ve been charged with a DUI, you’re probably asking yourself a lot of questions: Will you have to appear in court before a judge? Will there be a jury? Will the jury be swayed one way more than the other? What evidence will the court use against you? If we’re representing you, they’re the kind of questions you won’t need to worry about researching. 

We’ll handle all the details and keep you informed along the way. 

Dealing with any type of charge is a frightening, stressful situation. Our talented and well-versed team has years of criminal defense experience, particularly in drug- and alcohol-related DUIs. Our experience can guide you through this difficult time. 

Types of Criminal Defense Cases with Rogers | Beltran LLP

Pasadena, California, is a beautiful area known for its Victorian and art deco architecture. However, being so close to Los Angeles, Pasadena has also been host to some high-profile civil rights cases around police use of force. Many other people are caught up by California’s legal DUI checkpoints and in need of representation.

Crime and accusations of crime can happen anywhere, to anyone. That’s why it is in your interest to reach out to an attorney as soon as you come into contact with the criminal justice system. At Rogers | Beltran LLP, we’re prepared to provide you with a thorough and strategic criminal defense. 

Our team covers cases that fall under three distinct areas of law:

  • Personal Injury: This deals with any type of injury to the body, mind, or emotions.
  • Civil Rights: Civil Rights laws deal with treating everyone fairly and equally with no discrimination of persons based on color, nationality, or race. 
  • Criminal Defense: These laws deal with the protection of anyone who has been accused of committing a crime, such as misdemeanors like a DUI, or felonies such as a robbery. 

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Rogers | Beltran LLP serve the people of the beautiful and historic Pasadena area by protecting your rights as an individual to have legal representation in the court of law. Should you or a loved one find yourselves brought up on criminal charges, or think you might need an attorney for the other two areas of law we cover, schedule a free 30-minute consultation. We can help you understand your options and get the legal representation you need.